Never had So Much Trouble Getting a Player Software to Function. (AS)

Sorry about the length, but I did not want to be ambiguous and waste your time .

1). I have trashed the Audirvana Studio start up error message recommending replacing or deleting “AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite” at least a dozen times. Ofcourse this file simply returns each time I exit “AS”.

2.) Once I have found and sent this file to the trash ben, I am then immediately
able to select; “Migrate library From Audirvana”.

3.) Once I select (Migrate) from above, then the system seems to migrate something, but only takes less than 10 seconds.

4.) I am then able to arrive at the Audirvana Studio main page. There are NO music files opened on thee page.

5.) I then go into "Preferences " under AS and then select “Local”.

6.) Directly under “0 Add music to my Audirvana Studio”, which I am unable to select/highlight, is:

/volumes/my passport studio/ Auto Sync "trash can character"

7.) Audirvana Studio seems to have located my Audirvana Plus’s Music Data Base /Library, But it has not and will not migrate this play list to A S.
I am not surprised as the earlier Migration process took under 10 seconds.

8.) I do not know what I am not doing, or what else to do. I am hoping that my ignorance of this specific process is causing me to miss something.

9.) PLEASE HELP, if possible.


Sorry to see you have so much problems. This is not normal behaviour and looks like there is a specific problem with your computer or settings. It seems wise to send your problem directly to because there are so many points it will be difficult to help you through the forum. Audirvana support may be be better equiped to assist you.

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Are you pointing “add a folder” to a folder that directly holds your local content? I don’t think you want to just point to a drive

Put a folder with your content on desktop and point to it, let’s see what happens

Did you empty your trashcan? In the past that solved this problem for me

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