Never Received License Key

Just recently purchased a 3.5 lifetime license. Received an email receipt of purchase from Paddle but never received the second email with the registration key number. Paddle says processing has been slowed down do to a hurricane in the Philippines. Any suggestions?

Hello @woodson,

I resent you the mail, check your spam inbox in case it’s not going in your normal inbox.

I downloaded a trial version of Audirvana to this desktop computer - not the computer I use with my main stereo system for playing music files - and really liked what I heard so I decided to download a second copy to the above system’s laptop and to purchase it at the same time via that laptop. I did that through PayPal and have a receipt to show for it. The seller was Market Limited. I have never received any correspondence from Paddle so I decided to check that all was well by visiting its website and I ended up answering questions about the purchase (cost, credit card details etc). I was stunned to be informed that it could find no record of any such purchase but I was promised I would receive an email about it, but there has been no sign of that as yet. Perhaps I am being overly concerned and I do have over a fortnight left on the second trial copy of Audirvana. (I do not plan to use part of the licence for the Audirvane on this desktop as I feel another playback option will suffice. I do have a second music file playback system and will use the second copy of the licence on that)…
Many thanks for any comments.

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