New A+ remote and Qobuz

My A+ remote on my Ipad does not show me my Qobuz favorites. How to make make them visible? I can se them on my MacBook /Audirvana. I have updated to the new A+ remote.

Actually I can’t have access to any playlist or album from qobuz with the newest application.

I had access on the PC and on the Remote app, now it’s gone. It comes and goes with reboots of the iPad app.

Hi! Audirvan A+ Remote Iphone works fine with the lokal music.
In Qobuz I can only see the menue structure but when I open one of the categories there is no content. Searching in Qobuz works.
Witth the previos version it worked perfectly.
On Win Server 2016 it also works.
Any hint?

Best Regards