New Auto-play feature in AS

Thank you. I will listen this evening (including autoplay suggestions). Just discovered how to find a ton of good old music on Qobuz. Very simple: search for “rudy van gelder”. Enough for an entire month at least :blush:

We know Rudy’s story. There are some interviews on You Tube with him when he was still in good shape.
You are going in the right direction in my opinion, mentioning him. :ok_hand:

Thanks. Indeed I’m a beginner in the discovering of “beautiful music world”. Just listening to the recommended album. Fantastic recording (especially last track). A lot of (good) work has been put on it. Very good quality for a '68 record. But when I saw “Sony Music”, 1968, 24/192, I knew can’t be bad (at least not 100% my taste, but not bad). I will also check next months the albums posted in the “Lounge” area (checked/knowing just few). Happy listening!

To stay in this topic I must say that auto play in Studio for Mac is working with Qobuz ok for me.
Going back to The Gun recording sound quality obviously this is far away of clean and beautiful sound by Rudy Van Gelder Studios production.
This is rough and tough psychedelic sound of that era.
When I listened to it for first time I didn’t have a clue that technology will advance so fast etc.
I have Elvis Presley CD boxset titled : From Nashville to Memphis
CD #1 specially sounds so pristine and crazy and would conquer any modern audiophile recording.
I bought it at Goodwill store for $ 15 CDN no tax
Best $15 spent in long time.
Then I played right away in my car and I was blown away with sound quality.
I have very good premium sound system in my car.
After I came back home I noticed that this whole selection of Elvis songs is available on Qobuz
So now I can share with other Audirvana Forum members.
I think it is great entertaining selection of Elvis timeless songs.

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To listen all this albums and find them would need to hire somebody full time.

I have friend that is buying cassette’s and vinyl and CD’s and always we joking that he will have to hire professional listener to listen to his collection.

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No Audirvana, no streaming in this room.
We tried Chromecast Audio few times here
He is playing traditional media mostly.
Not interested in digital music files
And I respect his choices !
Main speakers incredible vintage Totem Shaman
He has also Totem Forest in different room
Those double stack speakers are for decoration mostly.
In my opinion they sound terrible compared to Totem Shaman or Forest.
To name rest of the equipment will be a time consuming task
Now speakers bi-amped with two identical Marantz amps 510 M i believe.
Don’t remember which preamp he is using at the moment
When I am visiting him I am just overpowered with all this gear around me.

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I just played new tracks by Klaus Schultze
followed by auto play in Qobuz in Studio by Boney M disco track ha ha what a algorithm !
Next track is Brian Eno so it fit category perfectly.
Try to play this
If will be followed by Boney M for you too ?

Sorry to bother you but I taught better to inform you that I played Klaus Schultze newest tracks again and Boney M went hiding.
All tracks that followed are same genere.
I guess sometimes some ghosts off passing music icons showing up in Qobuz line up :slight_smile:

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You don’t have the right to do this, its piracy. I will remove the link you posted.

You only have the right to keep a track if you buy it, being subscribed to Qobuz do not allow you to download the track illegally.

They usually put the track again in Qobuz, you only have to search it to get it back.

Thank you to clarify this topic of downloading tracks and legality of such actions.
Best Regards !

So audiohijack pro is out of the question?