New Auto-play feature in AS

Just wanted to say that the addition of the auto-play Qobuz feature is brilliant. I just tested it and it gave me a 50 song playlist with the song I selected and 49 “releated” (as Qobuz sees them) tracks.

This is a great feature, and I look forward to using it to discover new bands / tracks. :grin: :+1:t3: :beers:


@Antoine - I think I found a minor bug in the new feature, or it might be a play queue bug that wasn’t apparent until this feature was implemented. It’s only happened once, but when it happened, it seems to have messed up the play queue. Here’s the sequence of steps to test:

  1. Select a track to play (any track) - I chose ‘The Pot’ by TOOL
  2. Once queued, click the ‘Clear Play Queue’ button to prompt the auto-play “smart” feature
  3. Let the original track play to the end and move to the next track

When the issue occurs (which seems random), it will jump 3 or 4 tracks down the list, and even when you click “play” on the second track, it will jump to that other track it decided was next. When this happens, sometimes more than one track will be highlighted in the list, as if multiple tracks are actively playing. If it happens again, I’ll try to get a screen shot for reference.

OK, just happened again, and here’s the screen shots. I chose ‘The Pot’ by TOOL again as the “seed” track and followed the steps I posted above. After the first song in the queue ended, it jumped WAY down the queue to almost the end to ‘Diane’ by Grant Hart (good song, BTW), but the second track was highlighted as to show it was the one playing.

First screenshot: Top of the queue showing the highlighted song ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot’ and the actual song playing ‘Diane’ in the window play bar:

Second screen shot to show where that song actually sits in the play queue:

It almost seems as though the shuffle feature is activated, but it’s actually not. Hope this helps figure out the issue. Loving the feature otherwise! :two_hearts:

Because I’m an IT person who likes to break things! :grin:

Actually, I wanted to quickly test it like a “radio” feature that you might have with certain services. It mostly works that way, except for that glitch in the play queue.

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I must admit that I was quite annoyed with this until I found that out how to turn it OFF! Why would I want 50 random BS songs just tacked onto my play queue? It’s nonsense that I would never pick in a thousand years.

More importantly, why not fix some of the things that you have broken with VST plugins months ago instead of adding new BS features.

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Hi @glen, I can’t really figure out how the auto-play feature works (or whether it works at all) through Audirvana, Any feedback would be much appreciated. But also, on the Qobuz app itself, this feature works even after you pick one song, and then it continues with auto-play?

If you are talking about Fabfilter then for the moment we have not been able to fix it. And the plugin work, it’s just there is something missing to get all of it in Audirvāna Studio/Origin

Ok, I have been able to reproduce the issue. I didn’t noticed it before doing the release of the update :sweat_smile:

Actually when you have this issue, after the wrong track have been played, it goes back to the proper order.

I will report it to Damien as soon as possible.


Yes, but this depends on the track. If it’s not popular or on a popular label there are chances to play nothing except the selected track(s). Also I noticed with the Qobuz app that if you are connected with another device, for example the phone, in the same time, an error appear and autoplay is not working. The suggestions are made by Qobuz and not totally random, I discovered many good tracks this way (old and new, usually hi res).


Thank you @Antoine !

I am running latest version of Studio 1.13.1 (11301) for Mac on Mac mini (Monterey 12.4) and this new auto play function is on by default.
I played same album from Qobuz twice and Studio just stopped as usual at the end of album.There was no follow of similar music or any music.
I tried Roon few times and this auto play function is great but I like Audirvana.
And I am sure that this auto radio will be working for me also soon.
Just want to ask other members if this is working for them ?
Best Regards !

Yes, it’s working for me other than the glitch I reported further up the thread. If the album / artist you’re listening to isn’t easily put into a specific genre / category, then you won’t get any additional tracks with this feature. This is true directly in the Qobuz app / web page as well. I have some meditation music I listen to occasionally, and the auto-play can’t find anything to add to the play queue with that. :smiley:

Try it with a different, perhaps more main stream artist and see if it works for you then.

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Thank you Glen !
I will try to listen to more easy music and try more albums.
I am sure that this function will be working better after some time.

  1. I really hope this function will be improved by Qobuz.

  2. I will really appreciate if not so many titles becomes unavailable over time. 100+ favourite tracks and a few albums changes their availability or quality in the last year.

But still love Qobuz!

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Hi !
Over last 23 hrs I started to play 2 different albums and waited for other tracks to kick inn.
Unfortunately (just kidding) this new auto play function in Studio it worked OK on Mac mini which just got new automatic update to Monterey 12.4 last night.
To be specific I am posting here links to Qobuz just in case if you are interested what I was listening to :


Thank you !


To protect yourself even more I would use this tool after downloading your favourite tracks:

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Thank you for your valuable answer.

Now let’s check what you listening… :wink:

LE: Wow! Just wow (especially link 2)!

Very energetic good old jazz from time when I was little younger.
But I am open to any music that’s moves me and wouldn’t bore me to death.
Maybe around 1976-78 my friend at school lent me his parents older already scratched vinyl LP originally released in European countries also in my native Poland behind iron curtain.
I was playing this record over and over and the first track moves me even now when I am 63
So, I am sharing this album with you.
Maybe it is going to energize you the same as Les McCann
I like the whole album:
Let me know if you liked this album
Maybe you know this band?
Lets rock on Sunday !
It is going late at your place but still you can get rocking !

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Vinyl that I was listening was released in Poland in Mono.
At that time when I got it in to my hands first Stereo turntables started to surface in stores but not Hi Fi yet.

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