New 'File' option in Library/ Audirvana Windows 10

In the Library we now have ‘Tracks’, ‘Albums’ and ‘Artists’. This works great when all files have correct metadata. Unfortunately not all files are perfect so it would be really nice when there was an extra option ‘Files’ in the library which allows to browse the folder structure of the library which makes some files much easier to find.

This is probably a big modification to ask, but in my opinion it would be really practical to have.

Add a field when in tracks mode view by right clicking the titles menu and add ‘file location‘ and sort to that field a to z or z to a :grinning:

Thanks for the tip! I Did not think of that. It is not quite the file browser I had in mind, but it is a workaround for now :slight_smile:

OK, now I have a list of more than 28,000 track names. How is this supposed to help me browse my albums? : scowling
Is this how you navigate the folders on your hard drive when you want to look for related documents among many different kinds of files? Don’t know about how you use file folders but mine are hierarchically nested. This hopelessly long list certainly doesn’t help me use that organization to find anything like particular albums. I suppose it could be of some use, if and only if one could also filter files by location, but I don’t see any ‘location’ information in the pull-down menu of filter options. Furthermore, the sorting is weird and doesn’t help me group files by folder. In any case, even if filtering locations was possible, this is not how I, or anyone I know, finds files in hierarchically organized nested folders. This list of thousands of tracks with 9 columns of information looks nothing like what I see in the finder of my operating system (OSX) and does not help me use folders to navigate my music. Thanks for the suggestion, but tried it and cannot see how this option helps anything. In fact, I’m more convinced than ever to look for different software and let my 30-day Audirvana trial expire.The Audirvana is great for hires gapless playback of already created playlists, but that’s about all.l. :cry: