New installation on Mac. Can't play any tracks on Tidal and only FLAC on Qobuz


I have installed Audirvana 3.5.26 on a Mac for the first time and activated the three month trial for both Tidal and Qobuz (the highest possible quality streams on both services).

The Tidal and Qobuz apps on the Mac work fine, but in Audirvana, I am unable to play any Tidal files and Qobuz files only play in FLAC format.

I would be grateful for some help in getting this set up.

Also, can I check, is this the only place to get support from Audirvana?



What DAC do you use? Did you enable USB mode 2.

I am using an Audiophilleo2 MKII connected to a Naim DAC. Where do I enable USB mode 2?



On the Audiophilleo. With USB mode 1 you can go up to 24/96. Beyond that you need mode 2, it used to be called profile 2 before.

Ah, but at the moment I can’t get any Qobuz files to play in hi-res format in Audirvana and I can’t get any Tidal files to play at all!

Make sure that nothing else is using this interface, like iTunes or native apps.

Mmmh. Nothing using the Audiophilleo as far as I can tell. I have restarted the Mac to double check this.

I realised that the issue with Tidal was related to my account (I was logged in to an account where the subscription had expired), so this issue is fixed and Tidal is now playing hi res (MQA) files.

The issue is now limited to Qobuz, which is just playing 16 bit files, even though the limit in Qobuz settings is hi res 192kHz.

It would be great if I knew where to get support from the app developers, having bought Audirvana!

Check the settings in Qobuz and sign out and sign in again.

For official support write to

Hello, have you try to change the audio formats of Tidal music via the tools like Tidal Music Converter offline, online music converter, etc. If not, you could give it a try to see whether it can work. Good luck.

That would be a copyright violation.

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