New interface is hard on my eyes

I love Audirvana and don’t want to be negative, but the 3.5 interface is very hard on my eyes and looks clunky compared to A+V3. Before I could see my songs/information and now the font seems to take up space to the point that everything is more spread out and difficult to see. I like positive change but can someone please tell me how the new interface is better? Am I missing something?

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I also notice the ability to right click on a song or album to choose options is gone. Does anyone know if this can be reactivated by a setting?

I can’t find anything better about the interface in respect to A3+.
IMHO A3.5x just copycats the minimalist [and poor] Windows 10 “System Interface”
Also User eXperience is worse than that of A3+
In the past I installed A3.5 but I removed it from my App folder a couple of days later and turned back to A3+
They sounds exactly the same: no improvement, no deterioration.