New items appear in metadata

I spent the last three weeks cleaning up the metadata in my music files monitored by Audirvana, The last few days I have found that there are additions to some metadata not done by me. Some of the additions involve the complete names of artists, where I often only use the last name. Or the name of an orchestra in German, where I use an English name. Some, less often, is completely unrelated. I find this very disturbing. Is Audirvana doing this? I don’t know how else it could happen.

Can someone enlighten me about this. If it is Audirvana, how can I turn that off? Since the beginning, I have turned off the “Save recovered track ID in your local audio files metadata.” I don’t want anybody messing with my metadata!

Nobody can answer this?

It seems that this issue is tabu, because nobody answers me about this.

No tabu. Additional attributes may be retrieved from MusicBrainz. It might add those to the local database, but it won’t touch the files with the exception of the MusicBrainz fingerprint ID tag. You can also avoid adding of the ID tag by switching a toggle in the settings.

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What toggle?

Go to Settings → Local → Metadata Recovery.

I have always had it that way, but I still find unwanted new stuff in the metadata, and I don’t want that.

You can edit it to how you want it in Audirvana, but that would update the file metadata.

Like I said, I always had it off, but still would get the information I don’t want in my metadata. I would like to turn it off completely. Is that possible?

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At the moment no, but there have been several requests in that direction. Check out the other threads and chime in.