New License scheme


I just got an update email that Audirvana no longer distinguish in Mac and Win license. if I am a Mac 2.x user and want to change to Win 10, what is the updated discount and price offer?

I click the link from the email and seems shown old offer… I am afraid I updated to 3.x but still mac can use it

Hello @ngszewai, starting next week the price for the cross-platform of Audirvana will be $28. Since you have Audirvana 3 you’ll be able to benefit of the discounted price.


I have a 2.x license only for Mac only. that means how much if I want to use in Win 10 now?

The version 2 of Audirvana is not compatible with Windows 10 and will never be. You also have a 3.2 license you bought in 2017, do you remember? I can give you the license key for it if you want.