New Mac User Questions

Still on the trial but really like it thus far. Clean, crisp clear, and seems pretty flat like I like it.

  1. Is it the same reduction of burden on the CPU if you use Legacy?

  2. If I use Legacy mode, is there any reason to sync Audirvana with Music/iTunes?

  3. If I choose Legacy (which I prefer the UI of Apple Music (iTunes), does that increase the CPU load (I can’t seem to check the analytics while in Legacy)?

  4. I use a HiFace2 out of a 2020 MBP. When I check Sys Preferences for Sound, it shows I’m using the Mac speakers as did the MIDI Setup in Utilities, yet the HiFace is providing signal to my DAC. Is this appropriate?

  5. I have synced with Music/iTunes. In the Local library view in Audirvana, the files I added yesterday are gray and the newest ones are bright white. Why is this?

I apologize if this is redundant, but I couldn’t find any other existing threads on these items.

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One last one I forgot:
Is there a bypass feature to compare the quality?

Not a big deal as I just subscribed, but…