New major version of Audirvana?

Are there any plans for launching a new major version e.g. 4.0?

With a completely overhauled UI, I and many others hope!

I wait 18 months for it now …

You, me, and many other users, @Alberto. Version 3.5 is a complete nightmare, aside from the sound, which is obviously incredible.

The sound quality, however, wasn’t good enough to keep me from reverting back to version 3.2.20. Functionality, efficiency, and user-friendliness were too important to sacrifice, even in the name of improved audio performance. I have since listened to and enjoyed navigating my 6TB digital music library more than I have since before getting burned by paying for version 3.5.

Now, unfortunately, I don’t know if I can update my computer to MacOS Big Sur, because I can’t be sure that version 3.2 will be compatible with it. A new, more user-friendly version of Audirvana would be incredible.

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