New OS on Devialet Phantom : Audirvana don't see my Phantoms :/


First time using your software, works pretty well with Tidal on my Yamaha, but it can’t see my Phantom in UPNP depiste other UPNP software can foud them and play music.

DO you need to do a special upgrade with the new OS ( DOS2 ) of the Phantoms ??


That’s the problem with UPnP, it’s quite loosely implemented. You can try through Devialet to have this issue fixed, or try some other control point software like JRiver and see if that works.

Hello I have exactly the same problem.
Was using Audirvana with my pair of Phantoms since many months. I decided to upgrade to the new Devialet OS (DOS2) and then I am not able anymore to see the Phantoms through Audirvana.
When I use Qobuz desktop application then they are correctly detected via UpNP. This makes me feel that the problem comes from Audirvana.

Any plan to correct this ?

Hello @MrMikos, this issue have been transmitted to Devialet team and they are actually working on a fix for it so make sure your firmware is up to date. Don’t hesitate to report this issue to Devialet so they can prioritize it for fixing this bug :wink:

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Thank you Damien for your prompt reply.
Will contact Devialet to push a bit.