New partners added recently

I read the news message of last Friday, in which new partners were mentioned. Good to see such impressive names like KEF and Lyngdorf & Steinway…
It shows even more than before that Audirvãna is considered a worthy partner in the high end music business. Congratulations are in order, hats off.

Couldn’t help but wonder if talks with Naim (& Focal) are already under way, and maybe announced soon as well? Would really love that!

Hi @Amarok1969,

We have been in contact with them and we still try to get answers to our email but they have not done this since quite some time.

The other way to make them realize doing such partnership is something you want to, is to keep pushing topics like this on their forum:

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I’ve tried to give the discussion a new boost in the Naim Community. Hopefully there will be some (re)action.

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