New Scrolling & WIndow Size Issue - Artist Bio doesn't shrink when scrolling down

Hi there, hoping you can help.

I noticed recently that something has changed which has made it impossible to look through the albums section due to the window size not being large enough.

When I am on an artist page I can scroll through perfectly well as when you scroll down the Artist bio section at the top naturally shrinks down to allow a decent viewable window.

However when you then click into see all albums for instance, the artist bio window at the top returns to it’s full size meaning you can only view a very small sliver of the album window making it very hard to view and select albums.

This wasn’t happening when I first installed it and have been using for about a month before this occurred.

Any help on getting this resolved would be much appreciated.

I am using the Mac OS on a Man Mini M1.


Which resolution are you using on your Mac’s screen? I have hooked up a full HD monitor to my M1 MacBook Pro. And on it’s native resolution (1920x1080) AS looks like this in artist view.

But if I choose a lower resolution such as 1344x756 it looks like the way you are describing it.

And yeah artist information size doesn’t change here either.


Now all of the sudden the artist information disappears when choosing the List all albums options and AS shows it like this…

I have my text size set to largest on the slider as it is feeding a 4k projector to a 100 plus inch screen, although it is still full resolution I thought but I get what you mean when you say resolution…

So yes when I changed that to smaller the issue is resolved apart from now everything on my mac is way too small to be usable on my screen…

Hello @dvshaq,

Can you send a screenshot of this?

Hello @dvshaq,

I will come back to you later today or tomorrow with a test version that should fix your issue.

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