New to AS, Local Files Slow (If At All) To Load

After I sync’s my music drive in my new install of AS, all I see after hours is “loading”. Am I just being impatient and it takes, maybe, overnight to migrate my files from A+ to AS, or is something wrong?

Doug (henceforth known as “D.”)

Hello @tourtelot,

Can you send us a screenshot of what you are talking about?

Okay. I don’t know what I did, but I trashed the two AS files in my Library and it finally imported all the music on my HDD (I think). It failed to import hundreds of album artwork from my drive.

I want to cancel my subscription and revert back to a perfectly working Audirvana+. Please refund my subscription fee.

Way too buggy and frustrating.


Hi Doug,

You should have tried AS during the month free trial that is offered to be sure that it works fine for you.
It’s more simple than to rush to subscribe and then to ask for a refund.

Nice advice. Thanks.

Don’t put out buggy applications as final products.

Please issue a refund.


I’m not a member of Audirvana, so I can not refund you. I’m not even an AS subscriber. After trying it, I considered that it has too many flaws, so I did not subscribe.

I’m waiting for the flaws to be fixed to consider subscription.

Okay. Sorry I was rude. After a lot of work, I was able to make Audirvana Plus work okay. But AS doesn’t work worth a damn.


I also use Audirvana Plus.
Which version do you have?

You’re having an issue with some basic stuff. With minimum of patience you should be able to sort this out.

Hello @tourtelot,

Can you send us those files so we can try to reproduce your issue at