New to Audirvana ' in surge for eq'

Hi there all music lovers,
just activated my audirvana app (mac os High Sierra) and was looking for eq settings but can find anything. So who has a tip find where to adjust the eq?

Thank all


Hi Koospuja!
There is no EQ, it’s that simple. You can fiddle around with some parameters. My 2 cents: never change a running software. If you wish to improve the sound of certain recordings, Audirvana does the best to give you what’s there. If you need the EQ, maybe you want to try NEUTRON, Android app, Apple?. You can define yourself as many channels as you want…

There is no EQ in Audirvana. You have to load an Audio Unit EQ plugin to your Mac and to activate it in Audirvana after.
E. G. I am happy with EQs from Voxengo:

Thank you BeagleBoy and Alberto, thats all I needed to know.