New to Audirvana- question: Airplay with DLNA

I’m coming over from Roon - I actually prefer the combination of Audirvana and Airfoil to RAAT…way more convenient and robust and really liking everything so far!
Question: I have two Bluesound Pulse Flex’s, one with Airplay the other has only DLNA/UpNp

Is there any way of adding the DLNA Flex to my current Airplay setup? It doesn’t show up in Airfoil or anywhere.


Is it a newer Flex? Maybe it supports AirPlay2 and Airfoil only does original AirPlay.

I have the The Flex that does not support Airplay, and also the Flex 2i, that does support it. Hence why I was asking about DLNA.

Bluesound does not support UPnP/DLNA.

Ah you are right! So that’s not going to work then…


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