New to Audirvana - Request guidance on DLNA certified sound bar


I am new to Audirvana. I have a large collection of music (from CDs to a 2TB external disk).

I am currently streaming my music from my Mac (via Audirvana) to a Bose Soundlink Mini II, via bluetooth.

I wish to improve the music quality by upgrading to a sound bar setup.

I understand Audirvana streams audio files via DLNA and uPnP.

I request guidance on a DLNA certified sound bar.


How about a pair of active speakers, like KEF LSX? You‘ll get a better result than with a soundbar.

Thank you bitracer. The KEF LSX price is way too expensive in India, and I cannot afford it.

Are there any other suggestions on a lower price point?

You can look at Audioengine products. Pair that with something like Yamaha WXAD-10.

Hi Bitracer,

This will work for me. Thank you!