New to Origin, Chord DAC option wont appear in Asio

Hi, I’m new to Origin and Audirvana so apologies if I’ve glanced over the obvious.

I can’t seem to get Origin to detect my DAC as an output device when in ASIO mode.

Can someone point me in the right direction?



There must be an ASIO driver installed for your particular DAC, otherwise your DAC will not be visible in ASIO mode on any music player app.

I did not see you mention what type of Chord DAC you have, so my advice is:

Go to the Chord site and download and install the Windows driver for your particular DAC.
If you already installed that ASIO driver, try to re-install it and reboot your computer. Of course also make sure your Chord DAC is connected via USB :wink:

After all this. (Re)start Audirvana. Your Chord should now be visible in Audirvana’s settings in ASIO mode.