New to Origin

I have just downloaded Origin and after one or two minor hiccups I have it working and am impressed so far. There are a number duplications in the display but that might be because I asked for a specific drive to be the ‘Music’ reference where there are both zipped and unzipped folders containing the same music and Origin might be looking into both for the contents and then displaying both. However, there aren’t always duplications, so I am puzzled somewhat. I know they can be deleted, so it’s an easy fix. Maybe there’s a way that only the unzipped folders can be selected?

The sound quality seems excellent, too, and I haven’t experienced any other issues so far.

If I eventually decide to buy it, I have two systems I would like to run it on and wonder if I could buy a license for both of them, rather than paying for two licenses?

Hi Johnno

You can install on as many comps. you wa t but only use one-at-a-time.


If it’s the same as with AS, then you need to disconnect one computer before you can login on the other.

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Thank you both for your answers. When I am running Origin it will always be on just one of the computers.