New user - a few questions - Studio and Remote and 3.5

It looks like I picked a bad time to assess Audirvana. I’ll be brief as possible.

I started a trial of 3.5 last week, then found out that Studio was coming. So far 3.5 is working well (Win10) except for a few hiccups regarding the android remote connecting, but so far I have been able to work around it. Normally I would use it for the entire 30 days and then purchase it if everything went satisfactorily. Well today I started a trial of Studio, so I currently have both on my Win10 PC. Since my listening station is located on the opposite wall from my PC, a remote app (Android) is 100% necessary. Now, I can’t assess Studio because I need a currently non-existent remote to work it, and if I find I like 3.5, apparently I can no longer purchase that, if my understanding is correct. Here are my questions, hopefully someone may be able to help.

(1) Will a remote for Android be available for Studio within the 30 days of my trial? I can’t use Studio unless I have a remote, and I won’t pay for it until I know that the main app + remote works for me and my system.

(2) If the answer to question 1 is “no”, I assume I can no longer purchase 3.5. If that is the case, I would be happy to subscribe to Audirvana and use my registration code with 3.5. While this would make complete sense helping users during the migration process, I am guessing this also would not be possible. You see my dilemma.

Just a quick comment - I thought Studio would have vastly improved library and playlist functionality, but I was wrong. I just want to be able to select multiple artists on the “Artists” page and drag them to a playlist, then sort that playlist by my own criteria. You would think that since it is 2021 and not 2008, that such a simple task would be possible, but no. Please look at foobar2000 with facets plugin, or JRiver with the panes feature, which is the king of library & playlist management. Luckily, I have been using foobar for many, many years and it is very easy to create playlists there and then import them to Audirvana. I am auditioning Audirvana purely for the sound quality and would be happy to pay for it, if I can make it work with my system.

Thank you so much, and cheers.

I also noticed that Studio is adding tags to my local files (like Musicbrainz). My files are setup exactly the way I want them. Can I turn off this feature in Studio? 3.5 did not alter my files. I won’t bring up Studio again unless I have a solution because backing up 3+TB of music files that have changed is not something I wish to do.

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Just for the record, I would gladly purchase a 3.5 license right now if available, and would wait until bugs/issues with Studio are fixed, and then subscribe to that once I see that everything is working well. Please consider reinstating the availability of 3.5 licenses. The software sounds noticeably better than JRiver and foobar, and I don’t wish to go back now that I have heard Audirvana. :smiley: