New user, help with setup

Hi all,

Looking for help with setup of audio devices.
I have installed Audirvana (latest version 3.5xx) on a windows 10 PC, and have a music library.

My hardware setup includes a Barasti M5 streamer/renderer (no DAC) on ethernet connected via USB to an Esoteric K-03Xs SACD/CD player/DAC. I can see the M5 as a UPnP network player, select it and connect to it from Audirvana. The K-03Xs DAC is setup for USB digital input. Beyond that, I am at a loss about what settings to select on the M5 and the K-03Xs. Everything I have tried so far has failed.

Thanks for any help,

Some more info.
Correction: Bricasti M5 UPnP/DLNA/Roon compatible streamer/renderer.
I have Wave files to stream to the M5.

Have you tried with some FLAC files?

No, I have been ripping my CD collection in wave format since from what I have read it results in the best sound quality. Could this be the problem? It has to work with wave files if I am going to use Audirvana.

When I click on play, it pops “Loading first track…” and stays at that state. Then, when I click on play another track, this message is refreshed but nothing happens.

Could be just an UPnP related issue, but it’s worth a try.

Also contact the manufacturer. They advertise that it works with Audirvana, so they should know.

Also post the debug info here.