New user. How to create playlist from Qobuz songs

I’ve had Audirvana for couple months now and love the audio quality and how it ha does it. HATE THE GUI and it’s not being user friendly. Stupid question but how do I create a new playlist and then add songs to it from Qobuz? How do you do this on Mobil app. If someone could point me in right direction.

Hello @Gaspar74,

You want to create a Qobuz Playlist in the Remote or in Audirvana?

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I may have the same question as Gaspar. I managed to enter an album in a playlist only once. I have not yet understood why it worked then and not since… on my laptop.

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I mostly use the remote app. Basically how do you create a playlist from songs you like on Qobuz or tidal?

When you are in the Remote and in Qobuz section, select an album or a track and the three button next to a track for example. You will have an option to add the track to a playlist. Here you will see an option to create a new Qobuz Playlist and then add you track to it.

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Thanks. I’ll try that.

I did this and created a new playlist and named it. It didn’t show up. A new playlist01 did. So I then added songs to that and they’re not showing up I. There. This is all using remote.

Does the tracks do not appear in Audirvana or in the Remote?

In my remote I went to home, and then local, playlists, and then Qobuz, and then my recent playlist, and there were my albums! Thanks for helping me out, I hope this helps you! :sweat_smile:

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