New User Tutorials?

HI, I am considering jumping to Audivana and achieving enlightenment. What I hope to be able to do with Audivana is to stream MQA files from TIDAL and unwrap them, present these as a UPNP source to my Naim NDX (first generation) to play.

From reading the various posts it looks like what you have to do is:

  • Install Audivana on a computer (I have a Mac) with a network connection
  • Configure Audivana to log into TIDAL
  • Configure Audivana to stream my ripped music on my NAS
  • Disable the current UPNP player on my NAS so it doesn’t conflict with Audivana
  • Do <something?> to test it is all working
  • Go to the UPNP server presented by Audivana using the Naim app
  • In theory the Naim app should now see the TIDAL server and will allow me to choose music to play back

Have I got this right? Is there a detailed set of instructions for people over 60 (like me…)?

Hoping you are having a musical day.
Jack 42

You can’t do that, Audirvana doesn’t present UPnP server to the network. It can just stream to UPnP renderers if they’re compatible.

If UPnP doesn’t work with your streamer, you can start using Audirvana by trying other methods, USB or SPDIF. Enlightenment will have to wait.

Hello @Jack42, as @bitracer said, if your NAIM can be seen by Audirvana (when you click here : Audio Output

Then you just have to select your NAIM and you would be able to play music through it using Audirvana.

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