New Version for Mac

Hello Damien,
can you tell me when the new version for Mac will be released? What I miss with the old version is also the integration of Highresaudio. I like to use Audirvana and look forward to a new design.

Best regards

I don’t want to promise any date for now, except that it will be in Q4 this year.

The upgrade for all Audirvana Plus 3 for Mac license owners will be free.

And it will require El Capitan minimum.


Getting close to the end of the year. Is a new version release, still on schedule for Q4 of 2018?

I ask the same. My trial of HRA streaming expires today. I use a Mac Mini with my living room hi-fi.
If I should be able to use HRA properly, it has to be available for Mac

I would like to add to the lamento. Any news on that one damien? Maybe Q1/2019? What holding it back? A new Version of the Remote? Streaming to multiple Outputs? We like to understand. Talk to us. And thanks for the great work in 2018!

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Audio love and support for you, Damien. Looking forward…

Will the new version at last allow browsing/searching by file structure as an alternative to metadata? Please!?
The lack of this simple capability still holds Audirvana back because with collections having poor, incomplete or inconsistent metadata it cant even find some things, and the solution of painstakingly finding and fixing every errant file is simple not practicable. Classical tends to be worst. Yet file structure is simple to set up, maintain, add to, edit and manage, and it is simply logical to facilitate it. Being so good in other ways, especially as a renderer, t is a pity for Audirvana to lose people and recommendations for the sake of a simple addition.