New work computer, need to wipe existing licenses

I have old computers linked to Audirvana and I uninstalled without selecting “deauthorize this computer” can they be wiped so I can authorize the computers that I use?

I have exactly the same problem. Can anyone help?

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Hello @Jlamarca, Thank you for your interest in Audirvana

I have removed all your computers from the license database.
You can now activate up to two computers you want with your license key.

To install Audirvana on your second computer, you can proceed as for the first one:

  1. install trial version
  2. unlock it by loading your same license key

I bought a new PC but now I can’t find the audirvana license code in my e-mails because I was cleaning my mail and now I don’t see emails from 2checkout to lookup license number. Is there a contact number for customer service? Can you send to me a new license code (key) on my e-mail: or ? It’s so important for me.