Newbie Q regarding audio system in Audirvana plus 3

Audirvana plus 3 not recognising my Naim Uniti2 Audio system, it only plays via my Mac Pro speakers. in settings it dosen’t show my Naim audio system , am I missing something

Have you looked in utilities folder of your MAC in Audio Midi Setup to see if your DAC is selected for audio output?

Thanks RunHomeSlow I can’t see my Das (Attached) if I use my 13" Mac BookPro It works ,when Itry the 15" MacBook Pro it dose’nt show it at all
Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 1.41.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 1.41.58 PM.png

Sorry can’t figured out now… really tired and moving homes… :slight_smile:
i don’t know Soundflower is what… but it looks like working like my DAC, but multichannels?? you get only 44.1 there?
i’m sure you have tried the 2 channels if it works, also, you can try Naim forums, you might get more people there to help you…

also i’m sure you already tried shut down A+, unplugged DAC, shut down MAC, plug DAC again, restart A+ or vice versa :slight_smile:

How is you Naim Unity 2 connected to Audirvana Plus?
Is it through USB, or on the network?
If on the network, is it on the same one, with no router in between? Is the Naim Unity 2 in network mode, able to receive UPnP/DLNA commands?

Thanks, yes it is in network mode able to receive UPAP and Naim and Audirvana are on same network , not router in between , all my network goes via an Ethernet Hub behind the router

More so that My 13 inch MacBook pro is connected and can be recognized by Audirvana but my 15 inch MacBook pro doesn’t, I need the 15 inch as this is the home one the 13 inch is work one

Is there anything different in the network setup of the two MacBooks?
Is the 15 inch connected to 2 networks at the same time (e.g. wired and wifi)?