Next track button bug, in music integrated mode

Hi @Antoine, after updating to Audirvana 2.5.9, with Music Integrated Mode, only during playback in playlists, if I press the next track button, playback goes forward by two tracks.
This happens both if I press the next track button on the keyboard, or with the Music button, or with the Audirvana interface button and also if I click on the next track with the mouse.
If instead I press the previous track button, everything works perfectly.
This only happens in the Playlist view, in the songs, albums and artists view everything works perfectly.
For me it is a very unpleasant bug, because I use this function a lot and I have many playlists.

I wanted to know if you are aware of the bug? and if there is a way to downgrade in the meantime of an update.

Thank you for your constant work.

[P.S] I reverted Audirvana 2.5.8, with Time Machine and now it seems to work, all good.

However, since I am writing, I also wanted to bring up another problem, again in Music Integrated Mode, it happens to me with tracks over 6 minutes long that at their end, the next track does not start automatically, but I have to press the play/pause button twice to play the next track.
This doesn’t always happen, in some moments, 3/4 songs over 6 minutes flow without problems, other times every song over 6 minutes stops at the end and I have to press the play/pause button twice to restart playback.

Are you aware of this problem? Is this something frequent?

I haven’t updated Mac OS for a while, could this be the cause of the problems?

Hi @michelmerl,

I have to check it out on my side to be sure about what is going on.

Ok Thanks, let me know the result with your software when you check.


Hi @Antoine, I saw that 2.5.10 is out, have the problems I wrote in the previous message been resolved?

Thank you for your patience and for your constant work.

Hi @michelmerl,

the issue is not solve in the 2.5.10 I’m afraid, it’s not an easy one as we suspect something related to Apple own API.