No albums?

Not sure when this issue began as I have always used Artists view. On both my iPad and iPhone when selecting Albums view I only get a spinning gear.

I think a reboot is needed. See if that fixes it.

Always a first line of attack. But, nope. Also, deleted app from devices. Nope.

M1 iMac / macOS Ventura v13.1
Audirvana Studio v2.2.2

iPhone 13 Pro iOS 16.2
iPad 6th Gen iPadOS 16.2
Audirvana Remote v4

Something wrong with this. Where are your albums held?

External USB drive connected to the iMac. They show when looking at Artists view and folder view.

It’s an anomaly. I do get these little glitches from time-to-time. Annoying.

Frequently I get a blank in Album View and have to go to Artist View and back to ALBUM View to get a refrwdh.

If this is ongoing in a session, I usually, after a bit of cursing, unplug everything, reboot and get the synchronisation running. Usually fixes things for y.

If I have been metadata editing this nearly always happens (blank Album View I mean).

Hmmmmm. What the hey. Got nothing to lose trashing the database and doing a new scan. The M1 does a scan super fast.

That’s a possibility… But I mean just rescan (Sync) from the Preferences/Library screen…:

Hilariously, I did a bit of housework kdeketing some tracks) and when I went back to Album View this is what I got… :

It was fixed by bitti g Artist then Album.

Haha. Glad it fixed.
Almost done with the scan but I’ll probably be in bed before it finishes.
I wish I could be optimistic. The fact that Albums view was fine in the desktop app but not in the mobile remote apps, both iPhone and iPad, is worrisome.

Hi @tmthylance,

Do you have the grouping feature enabled in Audirvāna ?

I do not.

But! After doing a clean install and resetting the sync folder, doing a fresh scan, all is good on the remote apps. Well, only the phone: I haven’t tried the iPad yet.

More, the desktop app just seems snappier. Doesn’t make sense that it would, at least as far as I understand how things work.