No Apple EQ control on iPad or iPhone

In Audirvana Studio, I’m using the AppleAUGraphicEQ (“in Real Time”) as a Processing plugin on my Mac. It works great on my Mac, but I’d like to be able to control that Effect via the remote app for iPad or iPhone.

The iPad remote app screen says “If you want to adjust the settings, the plugin interface is only displayed on your computer”. Does anyone one if that limitation unique to Apple plugins? In other words, if I were to use a third party EQ plugin instead, could I control that via iPad or iPhone?

Thanks very much for any thoughts!

I don’t need to control my EQ live, but, if i want it to, i can’t, like you.
I see it is in realtime on Macmini, but can’t click it on iPhone 13.

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Short answer and long answer is No.

You can turn it on and off from remote in settings, but to change your settings you need to revert to your computer.

Would be nice to have available on Remotes. You may want to change the post to a feature request!