No artwork over UAC2 USB to Cambridge CXN v2

All my media files have proper artwork, which display properly on the Aurdirvana remote app, and when using Roon server connected to my CXN v2 network streamer. When I set Roon to use the USB audio 2 input (instead of Roon’s streaming protocol) on the Cambridge Audio CXN v2, I see the proper artwork. So, it seems UAC2 audio is capable of pushing artwork, but Audirvana is not doing so.

I’m using Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.44 (3574). I really really really prefer using the Audirvana remote over Roon, but I would like to have the song’s artwork displayed like Roon.

Can this be fixed?

Even if you are using USB, your device detect it as Roon audio, this is why it is displayed. Aside from this, it’s strange that nothing is displayed over USB using other software, you should ask CA about it.

Thanks, I have asked CA. Waiting for their engineers response.