No Audio please HELP

Just bought Audivrna 3.5.15. Previously used VOX.
OSX 10.13.6 High Sierra
DAC iFi Nano Black

Have selected the iFi audio channel. When I click to play a track I hear a click on trhe speakers connected to the DAC. Have tried everything. I originally saw message saying that another device was using trhe DAC but after carefully removing VOX this message had gone.

Any advice greatly appreciated. As things stand I’ve wasted $75.


Try going in the midi setup in your utilities folder in the applications folder of your mac and select dac there for output…


Thanks for the thought but it makes no difference… Sigh. I’ve reinstalled VOX because I can’t live without hi quality sound,

But I’d like to solve it as otherwise Audirvana is a prigs price rip off.