No computer recognized


I recently purchased Audirvana Origin.
I can’t connect with the Android application.

I get the same message “no computer has been recognized”.

I’ve consulted the help section: my Kaspersky firewall has authorized the application.

I’m using the same network, I’m visible on LAN.

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks for your help

Check the Windows network type in network properties: it must be Private and not Public

Hello stefano,

My wifi network is set to “private”.

For my internet connection I use NordVPN with the NordLynx network which is set to “public”.
Could this be the cause?
Thanks a lot

I don’t use vpn at all but it can be possible that vpn is the cause.
Just for troubleshooting you could try to remove vpn and see what happens

VPN can be the probelm here, can you try to disable it for testing purpose?

I disabled my VPN, it doesn’t work.