No connection on iPhone to macOS Catalina

i purchased the Audirvana Remote app for my iPhone yesterday & cannot get it to connect to my macOS Catalina. This is my OS data:

Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.30 (3560)
macOS 10.15.3 with 16384MB RAM

I have removed & reinstalled the Remote app w/ the same problem. I also verified the OS & iPhone are on the same wifi network, & verified the Firewall settings.

How can I resolve this?

I fixed this myself. I connected my iPhone to my macOS & the computer name came up. I selected it & the ID number showed up on my mac & disappeared quickly. I got frustrated & disconnected my iPhone. My mac name stayed on my iPhone so I selected it again, then the ID showed up & stayed, so I entered it on my iPhone & it worked.

This is happening again. The Remote app lost its connection to my mac. I restarted my iPhone & it still fails establishing connection. Please help.

It sound like a networking issue. Do you have separate WLANs for 2.4GHz and 5GHz? Those are treated as separate networks by some routers?

My iPhone & mac are both on my 5GHz network.

Try to hook the Mac via Ethernet cable.

It’s not a wifi issue because I wrote this issue on my laptop & my iPhone can display my website that is on my mac.

I know, but that still doesn’t exclude the networking issue. If your router allows it, make both WiFi bands as one network.

I’m confused: how do I know if my router allows it, & how would I make both WiFi bands as one network? My iPhone & mac are on the same network.

That’s different from router to router. You can start troubleshooting by connecting the Mac to the ethernet and changing the WiFi your device running Audirvana remote is.

If you manage to get it to work, ask somebody with knowledge how to manage your router to help you.

Make sure the iPhone as well as the computer have wifi on as well as bluetooth.

I don’t have access to an ethernet drop or the router. Both devices have bluetooth enabled.

Why can I establish connection if I use a USB cable from my mac & iPhone, but then drop as soon as I disconnect the cable?

I have been on Audirvana for quite a while but I still get blocked by the system calling me a new user and saying I can only post 3 messages to a thread because I’m too new. So, how old do I have to be before I get full citizen status on Audirvana?

No suggestions? Guess I’ll have to try to get my $9 back. :rage:

try to trash your iphone app…
hard shut down your iphone…
now it is close.

Go the iMac, check your wifi connection there… regular or 5g on same network… Open Iphone… check your wifi connection there to be the same as iMac… download again audirvana Remote from Macstore… open it… it has to see your Mac… enter the number to connect to it… voilà :slight_smile:

sometimes on downstair room i lost the 5g connection on iphone and it now on regular wifi… i removed that wifi connection, only to allow the same from imac and iphone…

changing from 5G wifi to 2.4G wifi fixed it!!