No DSD for my AUNE S6?

Can you tell me somebody, why audirvana doesnt suppord dsd for my dac? I know that my dac is capable od playing dsd. When I used foobar before it worked and through jriver as well. I just bought audirvana and this really dissapointed me.

It does, you need to select DoP 1.0 or 1.1. That’s the only way to support DSD on a Mac.

Don’t worry, it’s real (bit-prefect) DSD.

thanks for help mate, can I play music in folder view? There is only playlist, tracks, artist, album… I think I cant find it

There’s no folder view. Use search to find what you want to play.

this is not good answer, sometimes you have music without id3 tag filled and it will not find it

try this for a file location view in tracks mode
Create a smart playlist with + sign
rename that playlist like you want
add a criteria… like in photo
then sort by that criteria… a-z or z-a and add any menu you want

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Nice! This is what I needed! Thanks a lot!