No DSD output with RPI bridge (RoPieeXL)

Hi There,

Just bought an Audirvana license but I’m still having a few issues with playback…

My Teac UD-503 DAC supports native DSD and plays this format without any problem when I connect Audirvana directly to the DAC (I guess that’s the reason why the « Native DSD streaming method » parameter not available in this setup).

However, I still cannot get Audirvana to output DSD through the RopieeeXL bridge, although the bridge is correctly detected/configured and is just a passthrough device (isn’t it?) streaming to the DAC. I can see Audirvana preloads the tracks but never starts playing (either when playing DSD files or upsampling PCM files to DSD). Regular Flac/PCM audio works fine in both setups. Did I miss something???

@Antoine , could you please look into this as this issue is seriously frustrating and I miss listening to my DSD files.

Thanks in advance!

It was reported elsewhere that RoPiee XL doesn’t support DSD over UPnP.

Thanks for telling me about that, I didn’t know…! Then, if DietPi doesn’t work either with the RPi4, does that mean I cannot use Audirvana with a bridge to play DSD on my DAC???

You could try with Moode, I’m using it to feed my dac (M2tech young dsd) in dop. I have a hifiberry digi+ pro hat with spdif on my rpi4 and it works seamlessly, anyway it works on usb to dac too

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