No Email Sent for Trial

I’ve tried four times to get Audirvana to send me an email for a free trial. I’ve been doing so from here: at several points during the day today. I’ve tried several different ways to get to a Free Trial screen and none are working. I’ve looked in my regular spam folder and the quarantined spam at my spam filter vendor. Nothing. I was able to get registered for the fora here but they seem to be separate databases. I also searched the fora here and couldn’t find anyone with a similar problem.

Can anyone help? Thanks! Joel

I’m confused… All those links take me to the “try” page and that’s what I’ve tried four times.

You don’t need an email invitation.

maybe not to download the software, but to log in to it you certainly do.

and I’m having the same problem, can’t get an invitation link.

Same problem for me too

Here is the link they emailed me to download Studio

I was not getting the email either