No indication of artist in "Tracks" view/ "Local" view changes to "Favorites"


When using the Remote with Studio 1.5.6, there is no indication of Artist in Tracks view (it makes this view unusable). When using the remote with Audirvana 3.5, the remote displayed the artist in tracks view. So why is it different when using the remote with Studio?

Whenever, the Remote is in “Local” mode and goes to sleep, when bringing it back from sleep, the Remote defaults to “Favorites” mode. This is extremely annoying.

Rather than burying “Local” view in an obscure menu, there should be a “Local” icon at the bottom of the screen (like there is for “Favorites”).

[Windows 10, Studio 1.5.6]

The iPhone remote displays the artwork, both with AS and A3.5.
Unfortunately, it does not work with A2.5.

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@Antoine ?

Here is the view of the Remote with Audirvana 3.5:

You can see the Artist name. You cannot see the Artist name when using the remote with Studio.

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I’m surprised this hasn’t been addressed. It is so key to using the software efficiently. Another important thing is getting to a pause button quickly.

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