No longer able to calculate Replay Gain and more

When I try to calculate Replay Gain, Peak, Dynamic Range, and DR values in the “infos” section of the Metadata window, Audirvana hogs all kinds of resources (100% cpu or more) but never actually finishes. It was working earlier but hasn’t since the last few updates.

I’m running the current version of Big Sur on a late 2014 Mac mini.

Hello @Dave1, Does it happens with any album you try to recompute replay gain or some of them?

Any album. Can’t calculate for single tracks either.

Thanks for getting back so quickly.

Does the tracks that can’t calculate replay gain are AIFF track only?

Nearly all my library is AIFFs. I found an mp3 and DSD album and was able to recompute the values for both.

So it seems to be limited to the AIFF tracks although, as I said, it was working originally.

Hi Damien: I have the same problem, but only with WAV files. Audirvana Studio still recomputes FLACs (and DSFs, but it takes longer to do those). But it won’t recompute WAVs… even though I’m pretty sure it used to?

Cheers, Dave