No more 3.5? Only Studio with subscription?

I’m on 3.5.51. No problems at all.

Scroll down page for Legacy Versions for Windows and IOS download of 3.5

But the fact remains that (1) if you had not purchased 3.5 when it was available, you are out of luck – you can no longer purchase it, and (2) although there have been a couple of bug fixes to 3.5 (directly involving the ability to play files), not too much is expected in terms of future fixes, for example, I don’t ever expect to see bugs with the user interface to be fixed.

It’s always possible that Audirvāna will offer a purchase option for Studio in the future. I suppose it depends on how well Audirvāna does with the subscription based model.

Evidently, he purchased some version of 3.5.

Audirvana should offer studio for free to people who do not stream, and charge subscription from users who stream. This way it will attract many users to studio and a lot of them will subscribe.

Or, charge double for people who do not stream.

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I think it could work. Audirvāna could disable some other functions too (e.g. like HD analysis, Musicbrainz lookup, signal path display, etc.)

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This is what Volumio does. And it attracts many users.
This is a very clever commercial strategy.

:rofl: (10 char)

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In all seriousness, I think Audirvana should offer a lifetime subscription to Studio for US$400. Give a US$100 discount to people who purchased a previous version of Audirvana.

If the Studio software was more robust and more polished, I think a lifetime subscription would be attractive.


I think it would be attractive to people who don’t want Roon and hate monthly or yearly subscriptions.

That would lose and alienate people like me completely.
I use Adirvana almost exclusively for streaming (Qobuz).

Just go back to the non-subscription business model.

With all this discourse I am supposing that many of the commenters have never ran a business , This endeavor for Damien and his partners is no longer a hobby or charity

It cost real money every month, rent , utilities , internet access …etc etc etc
Damien and Antoine are good guys , But do they deserve to proper compensation ?

I would like some of the commenters to talk to my pizza pub and petrol station because these crazy folks keep charging me every month…How absurd right ?

I support everyone having an opinion…Mother said everybody has one

It’s funny to read such “I know how to run a business” comments around here from time to time, as if companies were unable to survive on NON subscription-based products before this greedy fad came to existence over the last years.

Also, the comparison with pizzas and petrol stations is ridiculous, since EACH time we go there we are purchasing, on a one-off basis, certain products for our own usage. Likewise for software, whose prevailing business model has ALWAYS been to sell one-off licenses for major releases, and then sell again once another major release was out, instead of just stopping access to software after a certain period of time.

In other words: keep innovating and you WILL get our money - but I simply refuse to pay on a monthly or annual basis UNLESS we’re talking about regularly licensed content that changes over time, such as music or video streaming services.

And that is why I decided, a while ago, to pay for a lifetime Roon “subscription”, so that I won’t ever need to worry about stupid renewals every single year moving forward. And no: this is not only about sheer money amounts; it’s about NOT wasting our own time administering subscriptions and stressing about the fact that a certain software may stop working the next day just because you did not renew that license.

Worried about sustainability of your business? Just charge what you think is fair and necessary until your next major release - it was like this before, and plenty of companies made a lot of money on that basis. But do not try to abuse this subscription model as a way to milk customers and ensure an easy, steady revenue stream for yourself.

Yep, Everyone has one. Not sure why people keep going in a circle

Damien makes the decision, you have the freedom to not participate

My business ran quite well for over 33 years, If people needed/wanted my services I required payment.

If you don’t like pizza how about internet service? Who offers one payment and unlimited access? I will sign up immediately

Different strokes for different folks , enjoy the roon service I’m sure it’s pretty good. If you don’t want to participate here on studio we will miss you.
Have a great day


I’m amazed some people are so averse to subscriptions for services. I have multiple computer related subscriptions including Quicken, Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, Sirius Radio, Qobuz, Tidal, Audirvana Studio, Apple Music (paid by Verizon), Tune My Music. They each renew automatically unless I opt out. Each gives plenty of notice. I put them on my Google calender. They are billed to PayPal or a credit card. It’s a silly argument.

What matters is the total amount of money you pay. Would you rather pay $700 once or $120 a year? If you don’t want to subscribe, don’t. Companies can price their products however they want. If it’s too expensive or inconvenient for you, don’t buy it. Most companies want and need an on-going cash flow if they are going to be responsible to provide an on-going service.

It is not greed, it’s business.

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All of this argument seems to be from the perspective of developers. We do not need to make their argument for them. What we need is to articulate our wants clearly and maybe back that up with action. That way, developers will clearly know what is wanted and acceptable to consumers. Obviously. if consumers demand something that is not profitable for developers, then developers will simply not offer it. This too is business.

On a side note, it’s greed that drives business. It’s only a problem when it’s anti-competitive or when the market cannot provide necessary supplies/services.

Please. You post your thoughts and ideas and I’ll post mine. Thanks. I am perfectly happy with the new Audirvana Studio product and pricing model. That’s from a customer perspective. I am not a developer.

Companies are entitled to make an acceptable profit. It has nothing to do with greed.




  1. intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.

“mercenaries who had allowed greed to overtake their principles”


I also have some subscriptions: for the internet package, for the cellular package, for cloud storage, for Netflix… I already have a budget line for a subscription to AS once its problems are fixed, because I’m a long time Audirvana user.

But subscription is the best way to make customers run away, because nobody likes it. It’s better to sell many licenses than few subscriptions.

It’s not true that “nobody likes it.” For instance, the majority of Roon customers are on a subscription plan, either monthly or annual. Roon raised their lifetime license price from $500 to $700 because they don’t want customers opting for that. They need a consistent cash flow.