No more iZotope SRC?

iZotope SRC is no more available?

I don’t care whether SOX sounds better or not, what I want is no interpolation option to design my own filter with Fabfilter or Equilibrium.

I can’t find this option. Is that because mine is Demo or I don’t have DSD DAC?

Speaker icon, bottom right, choose you dac and see , no dsd needed, im on a mac…

Thank you, I did, but no change. I’m also on OSX and DAC is Apogee Symphony (USB). I just read on the other forum and someone says this option is only available for older version user.

strange never knew that… at least you know it is there if you buy it :slight_smile:

Well I’ll email Audirvana. Thank you and happy holidays.

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That’s correct, the old iZotope SRC algorithm is only available for the owners of Audirvana 3.2 license, and who have upgraded it to 3.5.
Given the sound quality difference, SoX is the only upsampling algorithm offered for new users, and for the foreseeable future.

Regarding the linear response of the upsampling filter, you can also set this with SoX, by moving the phase slider fully to the right.

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I wish if I can still get 3.2 license, or you would bring iZotope back to Audirvana. SoX interpolation filter can’t be removed completely at any setting. I read that interpolation bypass is possible with iZotope. SoX sounds fine with a nice palette of sound color, but I just want to experiment my own filter with longer FIR steps like Chord DAC. Best,

Hello damian! I bought yesterday a 3.5 licence and i’m very disappointed because there were no warning about that.
I’m thinking to ask my money back through PayPal.

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