No mqa device detected

Hi. New Audirvana user here. Latest version (3.5.18).
I have a Mac Mini late 2014.
As for the first set-up: since I do not have any external DAC, I can only “partially” enjoy Tidal MQA (Master Quality) albums, as far as I know.
Audirvana is capable of a first unfolding of those files, up to 24 bit/96 khz, according to what I read.

Just to clarify: In “Audirvana Preferences”, on the dropdown menu “No MQA device detected”, which of the three options should I select?

-“Not MQA device” (I think I should select this one, as I do not have any external DAC connected to my Mac Mini)

-"MQA Renderer"

-"MQA decoder"

Is, therefore, correct, selecting “Not MQA device”, in this case?

Hi ecoisa01!
Best is to set it to what you have, no MQA. On the bottom right you should see, what Audirvana is sending. Let’s say in case of MQA content at 24/192, with no MQA, it should send 24/96. If you put it to MQA decoder, it is 24/48, because the DAC would do the complete job.
Anyway, put the settings to what it is, that’s the best.


Thanks for your quick response. I did what you told me.
In the event of purchasing, for instance, a Meridian Explorer 2 Dac, compatible with MQA, what should I select then, when the device is automatically detected by Audirvana?
The Meridian explorer 2 is capable of decoding/rendering so, if I purchase one, what should a select from the dropdown menu?
"MQA decoder"?
"MQA renderer"?
Both cannot be chosen at the same time. Just one. Which one would be correct, then?

Hi ecoisa01!
As mentioned above, with ‘decoder’ Audirvana should be completely out of the pipeline, the DAC will do the complete job.
Remember, at this level upsampling is impossible. And in my opinion this is the best setting.
Otherwise the DAC would be the weak point. I consider the Meridians to be okay for what I have heard about.
Let us know about your experiences and learnings!

And thank you again for your answer.
One additional point to be cleared: if I begin to use a Meridian Dac…I take for granted it will be possible to use the Audio unit “Apple AUGraphic EQ”, as I am using now, not having an external DAC. Is that right?
I mean: selecting an external DAC Decoder (when I purchase one) does not mean I´ll have to stop using the Audio unit Apple AUGraphic EQ. Does it?
Does the fact that the external DAC is doing the complete job mean that audio unit could not be used?

For details about Mac, sorry, I’m a WINner​:innocent: My personal opinion on additional software: dump it. If it sounds bad, you have bad sounding equipment or recording. I have neither one :ear:

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