No 'Offline' playback

For the last 18 months I’ve been able to connect to the internet about once a month for Audirvana to check my license, while the rest of the time, I have wifi turned off on my Mac.
It appeared that after the latest update nothing had changed. However, now here we are again about a month down the road and Audirvana will not operate unless I’m connected to the internet.
Has anyone experienced this?

Hi @Paul_Allen,

Do you mean that right now, if you go offline, you can’t play your local music tracks?

Exactly correct.
If I stay connected to the internet, Audirvana will play as before. As soon as I turn off wifi, Audirvana quits…

Can you disconnect and then reconnect your account? To do this you need to go to Audirvāna settings, My Account section.

Once done, can you cut internet and then reopen Audirvāna?

Sure thing. At work now; will update in a couple of hours. Thanks.

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Cool, that seems to have fixed it!! Thanks.

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