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I am confused , that link shows an alarming number of issues where UPnP fails . Are you trying to praise Audirvana for its implementation or criticize them ? AS uses UPnP as its network protocol , the fact that this has so many issues is in itself worrying.

I appreciate its a bit of a One Size Fits All protocol , which is why some software developers don’t use it. I suspect the wideness of interpretation of the spec is the starting point of that.

My main experience of UPnP / DLNA has been with JRiver for just about 10 years. This experience has been good, I cannot recall ever having playback issues with JRiver (Certainly not of the type I encountered with AS.) and for most of that time I have been running one of 2 CXN V1 streamers via ethernet.

To use the Lock Icon as the stop button does not seem logical , I see that as the On/Off for the exclusive mode of the Renderer (at least that’s what the ToolTip implies.)

I keep thinking that I am missing out NOT using AS but every time I try to persevere I finish up giving up . The RAW PCM toggle fixed my “dodgy renderer” but trying to navigate a large library is simply a nightmare . Do I need lessons ?

My system is split with the Server in one room and my primary renderer in another (all controlled by an app on an iPad) so USB is not really an option, the server is a “Tower” desktop and sounds a bit like a tractor so its not going anywhere near my listening room. If USB direct is the only stable way then that’s another nail in the coffin. I do not use my server PC as a navigation aid simply as a Server.

As the thread starter, I wanted to thank all of you for your input. I only wish I could make this software work with my Cambridge CXN. Today is my last day of the trial period so I guess I’m out of luck…and time. BTW, also discovered today that the Pause button doesn’t work when controlling from my iPhone. Filed an online bug report but not expecting anything to happen. Again, thanks to you all. Dave

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