No response to requests for a Studio Trial

I know you didn’t say I needed AS. But my assertion is that AS is overkill as far as my requirements for a music player go, no more. For others it may be considered a necessity, and in some ways isn’t even enough!

OK, I understand what you meant by streaming integration.
Is it really useful? Seems like a mess to me to have your own music and the albums from the streaming service displayed together. But again, I don’t stream, and I assume that there are people who love it.

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Do you stream or not?

I don’t use subscription streaming services. There’s plenty of free streaming - it’s called radio.

Though I rarely listen to radio either. Hours of blandness, to hopefully hear a good tune!

OK, so we are using it the player the same way. I also don’t listen to radios. When I do, it is in my car when I drive.
Sometime, I visit Unlike Tidal and Qobuz, it’s free, and it’s enough for me.

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