No signal with Schiit Bifrost

From time to time I get no music. Restarting Audirvana works most of the time but since yesterday I can’t get any signal to the DAC (Bifrost Multibit). It’s not the DAC itself because I can play Youtube or whatever else and I have sound. Any idea what the problem is?

Are you on a PC or Mac?

Mac. I should also mention that last night right before the problem started, I was setting up Audirvana to work with Volumio (UPnP) on Raspberry Pi. It was interesting because depending on the DAC setting in Volumio, Audirvana would freeze - play and pause buttons would become greyed out and I’d have to restart. Since then, no output to Bifrost (yes, it is selected as the output device). Thank in advance for your help!

Can you post the debug info while playing through Bifrost?

Sure. Where can I access it?

From the fist menu on the left.

Well, of course now it started working :man_facepalming:

Thanks for your time!

Bifrost got scared. :wink:

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Hi @music4me. I had a similar problem with my Bifrost 2 and Mac Mini late 2012 model via USB. I can see Bifrost 2 USB Unison is selected DAC when I press the speaker icon next to the player control and yet not music plays through. This happens after waking up my mac, or switching from Spotify playback. **So far, unchecking “Mute during sample rate change” has fixed the issue. ** I’m not sure why this is the apparent fix but I have a hunch it’s because the Bifrost 2 has its own muting circuit for sample rate changes.

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This is very interesting. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try that and see if the problem goes away. Thanks!