No sound out to the DAC but the song is playing?

I recently had to replace my MacMini and now have a 2018 version. The old one was 9 years old. I recently also had my 2 RAID1 drives fail. I restored a back up of itunes albums (2000+) to a new hard drive. ITunes plays but when I switch to Audirvana no sound comes out and the DAC does not show any input as it does with iTunes. The library loads properly, the albums and songs are there in Audirvana. The song is playing according to the progress bar but no output to DAC. I have made sure that the midi output is the DAC (TEAC), the sound parameters show the output is the DAC, I have exited from itunes and BitPerfect, the Audirvana is in exclusive mode but the DAC shows no input. Cabling is all good (itunes plays through the DAC). I uninstalled and reinstalled Audirvana but still no sound. What am I missing here? There must be some other switch or parameter I have missed.

Same issue. Any resolution?