No sound with Multi channel DSD

I’m trying to play my multi channel DSD from Audirvana to my Yamaha RX A880 receiver that natively handles multi ch DSD. I connected the two over HDMI but there’s no sound. Any ideas?

I know that my Yamaha can’t handle it because I have my SACD player playing Multi ch discs and the receiver’s display shows that it’s receiving DSD64. So I know that multi ch DSD over HDMI a works in general.

There must be something wrong with Audirvana? Ideas? Anyone got it to work?

BTW I have the setting “ DSD over PCM 1.0” set. Tried HDMI 1.1 too. Audirvana support has been of little help.

Multi channel DSD is not supported at the moment in Audirvana. You’ll have to look elsewhere for a solution until it’s implemented.

Hmmm. That’sa real disappointment. I have lots of multichannel downloads. Guess will have to try JRiver. Shame, because I really like A. otherwise.