No Surround sound anymore (Audirvana 3.0.4)

Hi, need help with this… for some reason I can’t get any surround (5.1) sound anymore with Audirvana. I have a Mac Mini connected via HDMI to my surround receiver. Other sources with surround (Blue-ray player) work fine. Also when I do a 5.1 surround test from my Mac Mini with the audio MIDI Setup utility all speakers work fine… despite all this Audirvana only works in Stereo (it worked before with ISO surround files).

Any thoughts/tips…?


Tested Audirvana Plus 2.6.8 and surround works fine…

Same for me. No more surround since 3.0.3.
Back to 3.0.1 and surround ok

Hello Cadiz

Have you tried with a DSF multichanel file (not an ISO) ?
the problem could bet that the ISO contains both stereo and mch files


I have the same problem as Cadiz on 3.02 to 3.04 and this with dsf multichanel and flac files

Tested the latest version 3.0.5 and issue still exists…

Yep ! Same for me
My setup : macmini through hdmi to a denon 4310 av receiver. Never had any issue before. Hope Damien will fix it

Thanks for all your reports.
I’ve finally been able to reproduce this issue. And I’ve now fixed it.
You can get the fix in at

And THANKS Damien for such a quick fix ! Multichannel is back, MERCI